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From: "Councillor Roger West" <Roger.West@Bournemouth.gov.uk>

Subject: Cllr Beesley and declarations of interest.

Date: 27 July 2013 05:24:34 BST

To: "Councillors" <BBCCouncillors@Bournemouth.gov.uk>

Cc: "Liz Wilkinson" <Liz.Wilkinson@Bournemouth.gov.uk>, "Tony Williams" <Tony.Williams@Bournemouth.gov.uk>, "Tanya Coulter" <Tanya.Coulter@Bournemouth.gov.uk>, "'Antoine West'" <antoine.west@hfw.com>, "'Antoine West'" <antoine.west@quantinternational.co.uk>

Councillor Beesley, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Resources.


Dear John


Information has come to light during the last 7 days arising out of the recent Winter Gardens application, which again indicates that you gave incorrect information to your fellow Councillors, in your capacity as Deputy Leader of the Council, Vice Chair of the Cabinet and Cabinet Member for Resources, in making declarations of interest.


I have recently seen the Cabinet Papers of 13 October 2010 in regard to the Winter Gardens application. This was in response to the application by A.P.Bond for whom Planning Solutions - led by Tony Ramsden - was the planning adviser. A.P. Bond, advised by Planning Solutions, had proposed the comprehensive development of their site and the adjoining Council land. I attach the Minutes of this meeting, see email from Kevin Neale and item 178 (Winter Gardens and Priory Road Car Park) and item 183 (Declarations of Interest).


The declaration of interest that you made was plainly incorrect. You stated that "for complete transparency.. you did not regard [your position] to be different to that of any other Member in terms of the discussion of this item." This means that you were claiming that you had no greater interest than that of any other Council Member. You went on to state you would have a personal interest to declare if this company were representing their client to the Council on a future occasion, which implied that you had no personal interest at that point. However, you had a personal interest in connection with the entire matter on that occasion, not simply on a future occasion: the application in question for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Winter Gardens was part of the overall scheme, sponsored by the adjoining landowner, whose adviser, as your declaration omits, was Tony Ramsden's company.


There is abundant evidence to show that your interest was certainly different from that of any other member:

* you are the godfather to Tony Ramsden's child

* you had been Tony Ramsden's business partner

* in March 2009, you and he had attended a masonic lodge meeting in Poole, arriving together, sitting together all evening (four hours) and eventually leaving together

* you were together in family photos (see attached)

* there was a close personal and professional relationship between you (see attached email received 24 July 2013).


The declarations of interest that you made showed a repeated lack of judgment. 


The same applies in my view in relation to:

* the construction of the reef which you permitted to start with no construction contract in place

* the outsourcing to Mouchel against the advice of the finance officer responsible for overseeing the contract, Stephen Parker

* the decision to demolish the BCCA even while this is subject to serious questions about observance of due process.


In all the circumstances, it would be prudent for you to resign from being the Leader of the Council and resign your representation of the electorate in the Westbourne and West Cliff Ward. 



Cllr Roger West, Liberal Democrat, Redhill and Northbourne.

8 Doveshill Gardens  Bournemouth. BH10 5BU tel 01202 389916