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From: Councillor Roger West [mailto:Roger.West@Bournemouth.gov.uk] 
Sent: 06 November 2013 15:12
To: Councillors; Liz Wilkinson; Tony Williams; 'Jennifer Awford'; 'Melanie Vass'; David Harrison; David Higgins; 'Ramesh Lal'; 'Nick Hart'; Kevin Neale; 'Michael Goodhew'
Cc: 'arw@antoinewest.com'; 'C.West@taylorwessing.com'; 'Gerald Vernon-Jackson'; Michael Chizlett; Gill Pardy; 'Douglas Eyre'; 'John Probert'; 'PPC Vikki'
Subject: False and misleading statement.


Councillor John Beesley. Leader of the Council.


Dear John


False and Misleading Statements.


On 30th July 2013 you said in Council (attached) that my email (attached) was false and misleading.


In Nov 2007 at a Planning Board meeting, Tony Ramsden appeared on behalf of an applicant. You said, on behalf of the PB, that we all knew him as an ex Tory Councillor. That was correct. However you omitted to say you had been close personal friends for years and had been in business together. This is factually accurate.


I put in a formal complaint when I finally learnt about the true state of your relationship with this gentleman.  A Tribunal was set up and I was invited to help the investigator, Meic Sullivan Gould. On 6th Feb 2010 I provided him with the names of many people willing to appear as witnesses.  I still have that list. However, incredibly, the Tribunal only had one witness, yourself. How this happened is beyond me and should possibly be the subject of an investigation?


Over all these years you have been valiantly defended and supported by our legal team who, it seems, had no idea of the true depth of your personal and business relationship with Tony Ramsden. Elected Members have a maxim, when considering planning applications: namely: “when in doubt get out”. I wish you had followed this excellent advice which, as a consultant, you must have been aware of.


I am attaching, along with other documents, a copy of an email sent to the Council Conservative Group on 3rd April 2011. It was very rude about officers including our present Monitoring Officer and attacked me. It shows that you and the rest of the Cabinet had read the documents referred to as ‘the bundle’, all 835 pages, something denied to the public. The “bundle” is the background information given to the Tribunal.


I will not be called a liar.


So John, what was false and misleading in my email of 27th July 2013?





Best wishes, Roger

Cllr Roger West, Liberal Democrat, Redhill and Northbourne.

8 Doveshill Gardens  Bournemouth. BH10 5BU tel 01202 389916


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