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A Better Bournemouth is a  non-political and non-profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers.  This means we generate no income, but lobbying can incur costs.  For that reason we welcome all donations, no matter how much or how little - we really need your help.  If you feel you can support us in any way  please contact us and we will give you the details of the bank account for A Better Bournemouth so that you can make a donation via online banking.  Alternatively, if you wish to donate by cheque please let us know and we will send you the address to which to send it.  All donations will be very gratefully received and enable us to fight your corner for a local government that cares about its electorate and works for the public good, honestly, fairly and transparently.

Even if you are unable to make a donation but would still like to be registered as a supporter and receive news and updates from us please click here

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